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Amelia Scanwell is a character in Harlots played by Jordon Stevens.


Amelia is a young, poor, pious woman, repressed through religion, her upbringing and society. Amelia has little choice but to care for and support her blind mother, and take part in her religious campaigns. Yet Amelia finds herself drawn to the harlots she is meant to be damning. 

Amelia cares for her mother, the blind Florence Scanwell, and joins her in her mission to rid the streets of harlots. However, she soon finds herself drawn to those she is meant to damn.

She is shown to be loving and caring for her mother at all costs, even willing to talk to Ms. Quigly about her mother's health after her constant preaching to discredit Margret's brothel takes a heavy toll on her.

Season 1[]

She eventually befriends Violet Cross after having small interactions with her, seeming interested in the life she leads. Violet helps Amelia the night of a masquerade at Margret's after her mother almost collapses while preaching. She then takes Amelia to the party, dressing her up and giver her a mask. Amelia and Violet enjoy the spoils of the party, eventually feeding each other fruit and kissing. Amelia looks shocked and leaves in a hurry.

Season 2[]

When Violet is taken to prison, Amelia is shown to be in great distress, appealing to Justice Hunt to help her. He takes Violet in as his housekeeper thanks to Amelia's pleading, much to Florence Scanwell's annoyance. Having lost their lodging from Mrs. Quigley, Amelia and her mother are out on the street. Margaret Wells takes them in in Season 2, Episode 2. Later, when Justice Hunt is conducting his search of the Wells house, he finds Amelia and her mother have taken lodging there.

When Amelia goes to Hunt's house to give Violet her reading lesson, he remarks that he was surprised to see her there and offers her charity. She rejects it, saying that he has already helped her in allowing her to help Violet. They commence their "reading lesson" as Violet begins to pleasure her.