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Anne Pettifer is a character in Harlots played by Ellie Heydon.


Anne Pettifer is one of the girl’s working for Lydia Quigley. She strives her best to impress Lydia, gain her trust and become the favorite. Born into wealth and privilege, Anne was cast out by her family after she ran away with a boy – who then presumably left her. She’s quite unfriendly with the other girls, rather snobby and becomes insanely jealous of Charlotte, whom she believes Lydia favors more. She takes it upon herself to be Lydia’s eyes and ears within the house and is full aware of Lydia’s side business of procuring virgins to be raped and possibly killed.

Season 3[]

With Golden Square auctioned off to settle debts caused by Charles' mismanagement, Anne is left to fend for herself, her nasty attitude leaving her without friends or allies.

She reappears a year later, having since become the mistress of Harcourt Fitzwilliam, Marquess of Blayne, who is a member of the infamous Spartans, a group of wealthy men who enjoy murdering virgin girls. Anne holds no loyalty to Lydia anymore, though her former bawd warns Anne not to come find her when Harcourt eventually casts her aside.

Anne quickly learns that Lydia was right to be wary of Harcourt, and is kept like a prisoner by Harcourt after she becomes pregnant with his child. After a difficult and lengthy labor, Anne gives birth to a son. Exhausted, Anne is pleased the child is a boy, as is Harcourt, who dotes on the child while keeping Anne from him, much to her distress.

When his sister Isabella visits, Harcourt proudly introduces his son to her, and cruelly jokes that the mother died when Isabella asks about her. He calls for Anne to be brought to him; she is disheveled and upset, and begs to hold her son, but Harcourt tells her no. Isabella asks to see the child instead, and she promptly hands him over to Anne.

Several weeks later, and Harcourt has finally tired of Anne. He drugs her and has Lydia remove her from his presence. She ends up at Mrs. May's house, where Lydia and her new protegee Elizabeth Bottomley have been living since their escape from bedlam. Anne is distraught to be back under Lydia's control, but even more upset that Harcourt still has her son. Despite being vain and haughty, and quite mean to the other girls, her treatment by Harcourt earns her sympathy from Cherry Dorrington, whom she was quite nasty to. Cherry nonetheless believes no one should suffer like she has.

Unfortunately Quigley begs to differ, and forces her out to 'earn her keep' after she finds the energy to get up and walk. Anne laments about her lost son, but Quigley quickly silences her, shoves a nice dress in her arms, and tells her to clean up her face so she can make some money at the Cocoa Treet.