Charlotte Wells is a character in Harlots. She is played by Jessica Brown-Findlay. Her review in Harris' List echoes the opinion of culls far and wide: "Her extravagance would scatter the fortune of any but the most ambitious keeper. But her eyes dart delight. Her bosom enchants to rapture, and her wit makes her the very meteor of the hour."


Charlotte Wells is the eldest daughter of Margaret Wells, although not her mother's cosseted favorite child. Considered to be the "meteor of the hour," she is a rising celebrity in London. Her ability to play 'queen pretend', as she calls it, has made her very popular. She is known for not only her beauty but for her quick wit, conversation skills, and charms. She is aware that her mother's favorite child is Lucy. It could be argued that Charlotte despises her trade, and her mother, despite the bonding moments they seem to share. While her younger sister Lucy is a 15-year-old virgin, their mother Margaret "had [Charlotte] out at twelve." Charlotte, while a vision of perfection as a harlot, slaps her mother and seethes, "That's for what you made me!" She feels shortchanged by her mother's grooming as a harlot. Throughout Season One, her rebellious streak and low tolerance for idiocy constantly get her into trouble.

Season One Edit

The beginning of the season shows Charlotte's talents with her wit and beauty. Charlotte has a keeper, Sir George Howard, whom she cannot stand. Her disgust is understandable. All of London's society considers Howard to be immature and weak, worth little respect. Charlotte apparently takes full advantage of Howard's wealth, gambling, drinking, eating and dressing extravagantly. All at Howard's expense which he willingly pays for. Despite her mother's pressure, Charlotte refuses to enter a lucrative courtesan's contract with Howard. Her refusal is sealed when he clumsily dubs her, "the Pineapple of Britain." Despite her distaste for him, she still allows him to sleep with her regularly and even initiates sex with him to keep him happy as her keeper.

As time goes on, Sr. George becomes increasingly violent in his obsession with possessing Charlotte. He becomes increasingly jealous whenever she is seen talking with other men and particularly Daniel Marney, an Irishman, who became a male sex worker mainly in an effort to get closer to Charlotte. He is obviously attracted to her, a fact George notices. After commanding her to leave a gathering after seeing her talking with Daniel, she leaves slightly humiliated. He has sex with Lucy again to spite her, and Charlotte sleeps with Thomas Haxby as a result. Charlotte gets an offer from Daniel to "start over" with him in America. Charlotte decides to leave him, and he angrily refers to her as property and hits her, pins her to the bed and rapes her. Later, at a dinner party, he tells his friends that he "made her behave" for the evening, which after more pressing questions from his friends, leads Charlotte to angrily reveal that he beat and raped her to his entire dinner party, humiliating him.

Charlotte leaves George and is unable to take any of her things with her, leaving her penniless. Nancy encourages her to go back to her mother after her search for another keeper turns up nothing. Daniel says she should go back to Georges house and demand her things, which they try to do but are refused by Haxby. They end up going back to Daniel's room, and finally acknowledge their feelings for each other, sleeping together for the first time.

Meanwhile, Sir George decides he is done with Charlotte and wants Lucy instead. He shows up at Margaret's brothel and offers himself as her keeper. Margaret instantly accepts and takes his money. When George insists on telling Lucy himself right then and there, Lucy is obviously upset. When she tries to refuse and forces himself on her, Lucy reacts by stabbing him with a knife. When Charlotte finds out that George is dead and her mother had sold Lucy to him moments before, she is livid with her mother spitting insults and demanding to know how much she sold Lucy for. She realizes that George blames her for his stabbing, and worries for her wellbeing.

After Margaret kills George to save Lucy from hanging, Charlotte is told by Daniel to stay in his room and not be seen. Charlotte is unable to hold herself in and goes to see her mother and Lucy. She explains that now that George is dead, the law will see it as her fault. She was seen with Daniel at his house to try and get her things the night he was killed. Sure enough, the constables arrest her at Margaret's brothel, with Lucy screaming after her the entire time. She is dragged to jail to await her interview with the Magistrate. Daniel shows up in jail too, believing Margaret gave him up. Neither of them realize it is actually Lucy who gave Daniel up to the constables.

When the Magistrate interviews her, Charlotte insists she and Daniel are innocent. The magistrate tries to encourage her to state Daniel is the murderer, and her the unwilling accomplice. She states that they are both innocent.

Season Two Edit


Known Culls Edit

  • Sir George Howard (Keeper)</li>
  • Daniel Marney</li>
  • Thomas Haxby  </li>
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