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Kitty Carter is a character in Harlots played by Lottie Tolhurst. Her review in Harris' List describes her as "appealing," which is no understatement. Her genuine sweetness and practical intelligence compliment her beauty and sexual appeal.


Kitty is the daughter of a respectable bookseller. Ruined as a teenager, she has been working in Margaret’s brothel for years. Kitty is educated, loyal and reliable; she knows the ways of a family business, and is brilliant with accounts - far better in fact than Margaret. This makes her an invaluable member of the Wells household, although she begins to feel that Margaret doesn’t truly recognize her worth. 

Kitty was raped as a teenager by her father’s friend who "saw [she] was alone” and ended up pregnant. Given contemporary English society's misogynistic and rape-positive values, Kitty lost her 'virgin value' and was left with little choice but to work in Margaret Wells' brothel.

Season One[]

she workers for ms. wells

Season Two[]

As Margaret Wells struggles to keep her personal life in order, Kitty lets Fanny know that she would like to go into business for herself - and that she wants Fanny Lambert and her daughter Mercy to come with her. Kitty pines to see her own daughter, but Margaret refuses to let her into the brothel house. Fanny is amused at the prospect, for she herself is worried that Margaret will throw her and her baby out - especially after she tosses out Harriet Lennox and her two small children, claiming that Harriet was trying to seduce her husband.

Kitty's plans never come to fruition, however, as she turns up dead on Margaret's doorstep after accepting an invitation by Lord Fallon to join him for the evening. Fanny is distraught over her friend's death, and decides to rename her daughter "Kitty" in her honor. Lucy Wells also collects a large sum of money to be sent to her daughter.

Known Culls[]

Benjamin Lennox