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Lady Caroline Howard is the wife of Sir George Howard. She is played by Eleanor Yates.


Lady Caroline Howard is the unhappy wife of Sir George Howard, to whom she has only recently wed. The marriage was arrange and the pair are horribly mismatched. She refers to her husband as a man-child and a fop-doodle; George equally dislikes Caroline and spends most of his time in London with his mistress, Charlotte Wells, while his wife remains in Richmond. Caroline comes from a very wealthy family and is financially prudent because of this, unlike her husband who is frittering away her fortune for it is her dowry that George is using to pay for all of his excesses. She also brought into the home Thomas Haxby, George's current servant who is less than impressed by his new master.

Season 1[]

Caroline arrives in London to look over George's spending habits, having learned that her fortune is being rapidly depleted. Caroline is more shocked to see that her husband's mistress has spent a large sum of her money in just a single month, and tells Haxby that she wishes for Charlotte's removal, which he takes very seriously. Haxby despises Charlotte and conspires to be finally be rid of her. He is given the opportunity some time later, when Charlotte and Daniel Marney come to George's home demanding for Charlotte's things. Haxby throws them out of the house and later lies about the pair being covered in blood and mud in order to accuse them of Sir George's murder; the pair are arrested and imprisoned.

When Charlotte is released from jail, she comes to George's home and finds Caroline in the middle of a wake for her dead husband. She pleads for her help in releasing Daniel, insisting that they are both innocent. Caroline coldly asks Charlotte to leave, but when she insists that Haxby is lieing, Caroline takes him aside to question him, and Haxby reveals that he embellished his story in order to get Charlotte arrested. Caroline, embarresed that he would do such a thing, immidiately dismissed Haxby (despite his protests) and calmly tells her former servant that she will "suffer no man's guidance now" and that he may now leave. Caroline tells Charlotte that because of her husband's death, she is now free, and she will speak on behalf of Daniel for her.