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Lady Repton is an aristocrat in Harlots played by Fenella Woolga.

Lady Repton is the wife of Lord Repton. Her husband has an insatiable appetite for young woman and “loves a hymen.” They both openly partake in various affairs; Lord Repton being hell-bent on having Lucy Wells' virginity, since he had her elder sister Charlotte s when she was twelve. After the winning bidder failed to do the deed, she was given to the runner up: Lord Repton.

Lucy is spirited away to the Repton’s country estate where she is taken to a bath by Lady Repton who also gives her a doll and new clothes. The Reptons take Lucy on a strange hunt, where it almost feels like they are hunting Lucy as prey. They disappear from eyesight, cuasing Lucy to become disoriented and unintentionally kill a deer, which earns her praise.

Later that night, Lucy joins Lord and Lady Repton for a dinner. The Lord is a bit unimpressed with Lucy’s timid attitude, which momentary sparks her up, and she makes a joke about Lord Repton’s poor marksmanship, and should instead call him Lord Wonky. They all share a good laugh before Lady Repton is brutally slapped in the face; it was such a strike that the woman falls to the floor. They finish an uneasy dinner before Lucy is sent to her room, where she is visited by Lady Repton. She warns Lucy that her husband is going to “pound [her] into tripe” for insulting him. She settles into a chair to watch.

We see Lucy the next morning, covered in bruises. Despite their rough treatment of Lucy, the Reptons are still friendly with Charlotte (though Lord Repton has no interest in her now for she is “too old for [his] tastes”). Lady Repton’s current lover is Daniel Marney, whom she calls her “pet”. They both attend Margaret’s wild sex party (“Hades Night”).