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Limehouse Nell is a character in Harlots played by Sheila Atim.


Limehouse Nell, usually referred to as simply “Nell”, is a harlot working under Emily Lacey. She was originally propositioned by Margaret Wells, but was not interested in working in a place where people turn up dead (and she bluntly said so). She later takes work under Emily, and is advertised as being “exotic” because of her dark skin color.

Nell is very sarcastic but well-liked; she is also tough and willing to fight for herself should then need arise. She is also headstrong and independent, and pushes her belief that, after Emily Lacey and Charles Quigley return to his mother’s house (under the pretext that Emily is pregnant), her fellow harlot Harriet Lennox could run the house as a bawd.

Season 3[]

Nell is not seen working with Harriet, who has become a bawd and runs her own house. It is later revealed that Nell was kidnapped in the night, and hasn't been seen since.