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Marie-Louise D'Aubigne is a character in Harlots played by Poppy Corby-Teuch. While gorgeous enough to inspire any cull to slavish devotion, her review in Harris' List pans her for being "dead behind the eyes."


Marie-Lousie is good at pretending that she doesn’t care. She is a disdainful French girl working for Lydia; but her hauteur hides her unhappiness. She is anxious to leave Lydia's employ and when the opportunity presents itself, she had no compunction about going. 

Season One[]

Marie-Louise is one of the girls in Lydia's seraglio. She does what she must to survive but wishes for nothing more than to escape the life of a harlot. Her attitude makes her a target for Lydia, and she used to receive as her cull Mr. Osbourne, a violent man who beats women. She is replaced by Emily Lacey, who manages to earn Lydia's wrath instead.

Marie-Louise is able to escape from Lydia's home when she and some other girls are taken to Margaret Wells' masqurade party (Charles believed he could take the girls there to steal away some of Margaret's clients). Marie-Louise is fascinated by what she sees and offers up her skills to Margaret, who agrees to take her in.

Season Two[]

By the start of second season, Marie-Louise has bolted from Margaret's house, leaving her left with a fifty pound debt yet unpaid.

Known Culls[]