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Nancy Birch is a character in Harlots played by Kate Fleetwood.


Nancy is Margaret’s oldest friend. In their youth, they both worked in Lydia Quigley’s house. She’s loyal, darkly funny and moral. Nancy abhors the bullying ways of brothel keepers like Lydia Quigley. Nancy is a strong presence who rules the streets unbothered– for she’s a dominatrix who specializes in using the rod with her clients. She rents rooms in her dingy house to women at the lower end of the market. And although Nancy isn’t the maternal type she cares for these girls in her way, and has saved many a girl from the dangers of the streets. 

Season One[]

Nancy runs her own brothel, and is a dominatrix who does not spare the rod on her clients. Nancy rents rooms to other women at the lower end of the market, saving them from the dangers of the streets. Interestingly, she is not the maternal type.

In a nod to her no-nonsense attitude, Nancy's review in Harris' List pays homage to her unconventional style. "When flagellation is required, she acquits herself to the entire satisfaction of her cull." No one alive doubts this assertion, nor should they dare.

Season Two[]

It’s found out that her and Margaret were both left at Lydia’s doorstep as children and became fast friends with Nancy being, “the only one the culls were scared of”. She carries around a bunch of sticks that she uses for her whip.

Season Three[]



Appears to be based on Nancy Burroughs (who used "more birch rods in a week than Westminster school in a twelvemonth").