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Sophia Fitzwilliam is a character in Harlots portrayed by Hannah Dodd.


Sophia is the daughter of siblings Lady Isabella Fitzwilliam, Heiress of Blayne and Lord Harcourt Fitzwilliam, Marquess of Blayne. Isabella was raped by her brother, who then left for France. Unbeknownst to him, Isabella became pregnant and gave birth to Sophia while he was away. 


In order to protect her daughter, Isabella had Sophia sent away to a boarding school where she was well taken care of, but completely ignorant of her parentage. In order to conceal her, Isabella used the help of Lydia Quigley, who helped Isabella hide the pregnancy and child. Isabella cut off all contact from her daughter after sending her a single letter explaining that it would be too dangerous to ever meet. 

Season 2

As Lord Harcourt begins to uncover his sister's secret, Isabella moves quickly to get Sophia out of the boarding school in which she has been hidden for her entire life. With the help of William North, Sophia is brought back to the Wells' house, and reunited with her mother.

Season 3

Sophia lives openly with Isabella in her home in the countryside as her "ward", and for the time being Isabella is free of her brother as he has fled to Italy. Sophia desperately wants to find out who her father is, but Isabella refuses to divulge any information. Rumors begin to spread among the aristocracy that Sophia is in fact Isabella's daughter, fathered by one of her servants. When Sophia learns of this, she tells her mother that she should not be ashamed if it were true, yet Isabella keeps her lips shut on the matter and intends to take it to her grave.

Meanwhile, Sophia has found an admirer in one of her mother's servants, Edmond Turner. Some mild flirtations eventually lead to a kiss, and Sophia and the Edmond quickly elope and marry. Isabella is distraught by the news, fearful that this will ruin her daughter's reputation or that her brother had something to do with it. Unfortunately, Isabella appears to be right; she later learns that Edmond is a notorious gambler and close to Harcourt.

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